Birk.Creative (formerly Birkdesign) is a vibrant and transformative creative consulting agency specializing in:

•  Branding
•  Content strategy and development
•  Social media design and community engagement strategies
•  Marketing communications
•  Responsive web design and development
•  Messaging, tagline and naming
•  Digital publishing and eBook design and development (via
•  Visual storytelling through videos, infographics, graphic design and more

Your brand, content, marketing message, design, and social media are deeply interconnected and creating or changing one aspect impacts all the others. At Birkdesign, we’ll work with you to create your business strategies, marketing, content, social media and branding to present a creative, consistent, and cohesive message to your audience. For new project inquiries: Contact JinJa Birkenbeuel, President of Birkdesign Inc. at info at

Take a look at an example of what Birkdesign Inc. can do for your business.

Soham Dance Space redefined, rebranded and relaunched

Soham Dance Space Before:


Soham Dance Space After:


Problem: Lack of online engagement, limited press, slow sales for dance classes, static website, no ability to track visitors or attract new ones, difficult to update website and add new content, no calendar or ability to buy tickets to events or sign up for classes, no video or movement on website, unclear branding and messaging, no clear statement of purpose. Also, dance director Anjal Chande had a separate website for her personal initiatives, causing brand confusion.
Assignment: Rebrand and re-message Soham Dance Space, which is an art, dance and creative development studio; Redevelop website to make it responsive, more accessible and sell classes and tickets more efficiently; roll in dance director Anjal Chande’s personal website into one brand under Soham Dance Space.
Solution: Fully integrate all touch points of Soham in one place: a new website with an invitation to sign up and opt in to Soham. Touch points include visual branding and logo, brand promise messaging, tagline, intro copy and descriptions, event calendar, blog and email newsletter, social media communities, videos, photos, print communications, content, website site architecture.
Added value items: Social and community engagement and networking coaching.

Visit relaunched Soham Dance Space here.

Areas of Expertise
•  Corporate Communications: Internal, business to business, consumer and retail, shareholder marketing
•  Education
•  Financial and real estate
•  Art and culture
•  Travel and tourism
•  Transit
•  Not for profits and government organizations
•  Start-ups, newly-formed and transitioning organizations

Branded Music Studio
Birkdesign Inc. also has a music composition studio which creates original songs, jingles and sound effects to compliment its client advertising assignments. Recent projects include:
•  Original sound effects and two original song included in four radio spots and one television spot
•  ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary about Al Davis created by Ice Cube
•  Microsoft advertisement created by Weber Shandwick that uses our original song “Angel”

For new project inquiries, contact JinJa Birkenbeuel, President of Birkdesign Inc. at info at